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Meagan  Grant

from one perfectionist to another, patience is overrated and really hard to come by, my friend. i'm sorry you're meeting so many frustrations, i've been there--sometimes find myself still in that space--but find solace in knowing this, too, shall pass. in the meantime, i'm here if you need anything

Seaside stories

Is it cast iron? It is super easy and has held up great! It was super porous and I wanted to use it as a tub and not just a shower. Cost me under $50 and a full day of work! I will post about it soonish!


I would love to know how to refinish a tub. We just left ours the way it was because it wasn't in the budget to refinish it. It's in the guest bathroom so it dosn't get much use now, but when the girls get older it is going to see a ton of use.

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